We offer you the service of collecting and storing goods in a warehouse.
The service assumes that the product prepared by you for
exported or imported from another country we can
take it for storage and place it on a convenient,
equipped warehouse of the company.


Placing goods in our warehouse in Atyrau or Aktau is a convenient and profitable solution.

If you need to collect several batches of goods in one place and carry out their further delivery to the destination, it is better to first collect all the goods in the warehouse. This way you can assemble a large consolidated batch and transfer it all at once. Thereby using the entire useful area of transport to the maximum and saving on transportation costs. And this applies to both exports and imports.

Warehousing and storage of goods for temporary stay is carried out with the help of special equipment.

Our warehouses correspond to the specifics of different cargoes, both in size and storage conditions.

If necessary, it is possible to organize a temporary stay during the passage of customs procedures and paperwork, during the suspension of shipment and other situations.


1) Consulting;
2) Semi-consulting, semi-execution;
3) Full execution of turnkey work, including consulting.

We are ready to help our Partners in the import and export of goods from and to the countries of China, the EU, the USA, South Korea.